This Isn’t A Joke : 4 Ways To Stay Christ Focused This Easter

By now you’ve probably heard or seen that Easter falls on April 1st this year. Yes, April Fools Day is the very same day as Easter. I’ve heard people say that they will be sending their kids on a hunt for eggs that they never hid, or eggs that have been filled with something very undesirable. As it is the case every year (it seems like), the true meaning of Easter gets trumped by that fluffy bunny and now it has to share a day with the holiday of practical jokes. So how can you keep your mind Christ focused this holiday season? Continue reading “This Isn’t A Joke : 4 Ways To Stay Christ Focused This Easter”


My Current WIP : Too Far Gone

This story is fabricated from a single word prompt. The first sentence is the prompt, but the rest of the story is purely mine! I’d love to know what your thoughts on it are! Would you want to read more if/when I decide to continue on with the story? What do you think will happen next? Your idea might just make it into my plot (with your permission of course!!) I can’t wait to hear your thoughts!! So without further delay, here it is! Continue reading “My Current WIP : Too Far Gone”

3 Things Parents Do That Hurt Their Babies Without Them Realizing It

As parents, we all want what’s best for our children. Am I right? Then why do we do things that in the long run, hurt them more than help? Here, let me elaborate on what I’ve learned so far as a first time mom. Continue reading “3 Things Parents Do That Hurt Their Babies Without Them Realizing It”

The Heartbreak Of Losing Someone You’ve Never Met: My Story

Okay, so this one is gonna be hard to do.. Sure I’ve had heartbreaks before. I had 2 official boyfriends and some unofficial ones before my now husband and they all ended in a heartbreak, mine. Out of the official ones, one was 3 months and the other one was just a month, but still. I emotionally invested myself into those relationships.

How can you emotionally invest yourself in a person whom you’ve never met before you might ask? That question yields many answers, but they aren’t very easy to type out.

Continue reading “The Heartbreak Of Losing Someone You’ve Never Met: My Story”

My Blogging Journey Begins

Sooooooooo, I’ve been debating on trying to do this for quite some time now and after the dream I had last night (about me creating an actual blog) I decided to go for it! In my sleep, I came up with my blog title which was one of my main setbacks for going forward with this idea. What are your thoughts on that? Continue reading “My Blogging Journey Begins”