My Blogging Journey Begins

Sooooooooo, I’ve been debating on trying to do this for quite some time now and after the dream I had last night (about me creating an actual blog) I decided to go for it! In my sleep, I came up with my blog title which was one of my main setbacks for going forward with this idea. What are your thoughts on that?

With this blog, I hope to use it to help me write more and in hopefully finishing my novel this year! I can’t believe how fast this year has already gone! It’s already March?!?! Wait, WHAT!?!?! πŸ™‚ The years seem to be going faster and faster.. That’s just a part of life I guess or is it just me?!

What can you expect to read on my blog and why you should follow?? Well what I plan on using this new platform for is mainly to share my works. (Poems, novel snippets and maybe some other random posts about who knows what) I hope to be able to touch at least one person with my writing. That’s all a writer can ask for, right? πŸ˜‰ So cheers to this new writing journey and if you do choose to join me in it, THANKYOU for your support!


Love always,


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. β€” Izaak Walton

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Author: Meghan Bryant

Hi all! I am 28 years old, live in the Lake of the Ozarks area in Missouri! I am married to my wonderful husband for 7 years, and together we have an adorable 5 year old son, a 3 year old son and a 10 month old boy!! I have been writing for as long as I can remember. My grandma was one of my biggest supporters until she passed away in 2010. I have been writing a book for 10+ years, and am looking to finish it this year! I have written many poems, and some short stories along the way as well. My husband is a mechanic and I'm a stay at home mom. Writing is a big part of my life and that played a part in starting this blog!

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