7 Reasons For Why I Chose To Have A Home Water Birth

Those who know me, know that I had Elijah via a water birth at home. Well at my parent’s house that is. The one I called home for the majority of my life thus far. But some people don’t realize why I did it, and think I’m crazy for doing so, but I wouldn’t change it for the world and would definitely go this route with our other children.

1. Privacy

Privacy was my big selling point. I am a very private person and giving birth is a private ordeal for me! In having a home water birth, I was able to chose who I wanted to be there. I had my husband, my mom, my midwife and her two apprentices with me. That’s it. I didn’t even want my father or younger siblings in the house while I was in labor just because I wanted it to be small and I didn’t want to scar my siblings for life in case they heard me scream (I always had that mindset from watching movies and what not and it’s not necessarily the case.) or something to that extent. But because it all started in the middle of the night, like at one in the morning, I let them sleep, since their bedrooms are in the basement and on the opposite side of the house from my parent’s master bath and jetted tub. 😉

2. Freedom To Wear What I Want

I hate hospital gowns! Hate them with a passion! So being able to wear what I wanted while giving birth was awesome! Some people like to keep it simple and all natural, but like point #1 stated, I like my privacy. I was able to wear a sports bra and a slip type skirt to keep me less exposed and comfortable.

3. I Was Able To Give Birth In The Water And Move Around If I Wanted To

Most hospitals and birthing centers don’t offer this luxury! When you go to a hospital, you are most generally confined to a bed while hooked up to an IV. And if you learned anything from my post a couple weeks ago, I HATE IVs and needles.. So that is another plus for me! Giving birth in the water is a big pain reliever, and the jets in a jetted tub are a HUGE plus for helping tone down the pain. My husband was able to sit on the back of the tub with his feet in the water behind me and help me along with the whole process. You are also able to give birth in any position you want and you aren’t limited to just staying on your back.

4. I Was Able To Eat!!

Most hospitals will limit you to ice chips at most. I was able to keep my strength up by eating yogurt and bananas among other things.

5. I Didn’t Have To Worry About Saying No To Any Unnecessary Procedures

Most hospitals have you on a time table. If you don’t give birth in a certain amount of time that fits their schedule, they will offer to have an unnecessary c-section or do something to speed up the process. In a home birth, those midwifes are there for you and you alone. You don’t have to worry about them not being there or in another room with someone else when you need them. You are able to do things naturally and on your baby’s time table, not the doctors. You can delay cord clamping until the placenta stops pulsing which has many health benefits in itself. If you are having a boy, you can say you don’t want him to be circumcised and be left intact without them making you feel like your a bad mom since it seems to be the norm these days to get it done.

6. You Get To Hold Your Baby As Soon As He/She Makes Their Appearance.

As soon as you deliver the final push to bring your baby into the world, your baby is laid on your chest for skin to skin contact. You don’t have to wait for the nurses to weigh your baby and give him the once over before you get to hold your new little one. You are actually encouraged to nurse your baby right away or when baby shows signs that he/she wants to. The midwife will do different things to check your baby’s vitals while you are enjoying your new family member. I was too engrossed in the precious face of our little one to even take notice to what all was going on around me. It was a blissful moment for sure.

7. Home Birth Is Completely Safe

Even though doctors and the internet tell you otherwise, home births are completely safe! I mean, women were giving birth way before hospitals came into effect. Your body was programmed by God to know what needs to happen to bring your little one into this world. So unless you have some condition that heightens the risk of something bad happening during the birthing process, and/or your baby has some health issues that require medical attention, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to give birth in the comfort of your own home.

My Birthing Story

My home water birth was really amazing and I wouldn’t want to trade it for the world! Elijah ended up coming 5 days early due to a full moon. I woke up to use the restroom around 10 p.m. with no contractions, went back to bed then woke back up around 1 a.m. with strong contractions about a minute and a half apart. We wanted to make sure it was the real thing before my midwife drove an hour and a half, so she told me to get in the tub and see if they slow down any. I timed them, and they weren’t slowing down at all. My husband came into the bathroom because he heard the water running and asked me what I was doing. All I could tell him was that it was time. Boy did he wake up quickly after that! LOL We got our things and traveled about 15 minutes to my parent’s house. When we got there, the contractions were bearable. My mom was keeping our midwife up to date until she got there. I ended up throwing up during the transition phase before she arrived and then she gave me the okay to get in the tub. We wanted to make sure things weren’t going to slow down any and they didn’t show any signs of doing so. After about 5 hours of labor, our precious baby boy was born at 5:59 am. weighing in at 8 lbs. 6 oz. and 21 in. long.

I’d love to hear your birthing story! Drop it down in the comments below! ❤

Author: Meghan Bryant

Hi all! I am 28 years old, live in the Lake of the Ozarks area in Missouri! I am married to my wonderful husband for 7 years, and together we have an adorable 5 year old son, a 3 year old son and a 10 month old boy!! I have been writing for as long as I can remember. My grandma was one of my biggest supporters until she passed away in 2010. I have been writing a book for 10+ years, and am looking to finish it this year! I have written many poems, and some short stories along the way as well. My husband is a mechanic and I'm a stay at home mom. Writing is a big part of my life and that played a part in starting this blog!

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