3 Things Parents Do That Hurt Their Babies Without Them Realizing It

As parents, we all want what’s best for our children. Am I right? Then why do we do things that in the long run, hurt them more than help? Here, let me elaborate on what I’ve learned so far as a first time mom.

1. Grains

We are told that we can start feeding our babies grains (rice, oats, wheat, etc.) from as early as six months. That it’s the best food for them, but it honestly isn’t. Their little tummies can’t properly digest the grains until they are at least a year old. They produce very little of a certain enzyme (amylase) that helps aid in the digestion of grains. When grains don’t get properly digested, it can destroy the intestinal lining of the stomach and the balance of the good gut bacteria. This in turn can cause gas, upset stomachs and food allergies.

So what do you feed them instead? We fed our little guy scrambled eggs and he loved them! Egg yolks are a good source of vitamins, minerals and proteins. You can also feed them raw fruits, bone broth, avocados, cooked veggies and yogurt (I’d recommend coconut milk yogurt because it’s much easier on their tummies than yogurt sourced from cow milk). When we did start giving him some non GMO rice cereal, we mixed it with a jar of baby food (mainly fruits and a little bit of coconut milk) that way he got a little bit of both worlds.


2. Helping Them Walk

This is something I’m sure every parent has probably done a time or two. We did for a little while with our son, until our chiropractor saw us doing it and advised us not to. Babies are great learners and will eventually learn to walk on their own. They don’t need our help in doing so. Besides, it has some side effects that you may want to avoid. By holding their hands above their head, we are in turn messing with their ability to find their balance. Babies are clumsy enough as it is, why give them more reason to be so? The best way for them to learn how to walk is by themselves and on their own time. By helping them, it also messes up their coordination and proper movement of their feet and arms. It restricts the movement of their legs making them want to walk on their tip toes, which in turn will cause some major problems later down the road. I have a family member who needed a type of shot in her legs to help undo the damage of walking on her tiptoes constantly because a tendon wasn’t working properly. Our son didn’t walk until he was around fourteen months, but he is better off for in the future.


3. Changing Their Diaper

I didn’t know this one, my parents didn’t even know this one until our chiropractor gave us this pointer. I don’t know about you, but since our son was born, to change his diaper we would grab his legs and hoist his little backside in the air to wipe his bum and place the diaper underneath him. Little did we know, that’s a big problem causer too. By hoisting the lower portion of their tiny frames straight into the air, we are causing one of their lower vertebrae to become out of place. (I can’t help but wonder if this is the cause of many people’s back problems today) So instead, he advised us to twist his torso to wipe and in placing the diaper underneath. Yes, it is a tad more difficult and time consuming, but the pros in the long run far outweigh the cons.


I hope this has been somewhat of a help to you, and maybe a light in another. 🙂

Let me know what you think about it in the comments below!!

All pictures are of my son, so all the cuteness credit goes to me! 😉

Author: Meghan Bryant

Hi all! I am 28 years old, live in the Lake of the Ozarks area in Missouri! I am married to my wonderful husband for 7 years, and together we have an adorable 5 year old son, a 3 year old son and a 10 month old boy!! I have been writing for as long as I can remember. My grandma was one of my biggest supporters until she passed away in 2010. I have been writing a book for 10+ years, and am looking to finish it this year! I have written many poems, and some short stories along the way as well. My husband is a mechanic and I'm a stay at home mom. Writing is a big part of my life and that played a part in starting this blog!

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